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Meals on wheels Volunteers

Volunteers play a vital role in our organization -- from drivers who deliver fresh meals to homebound seniors, kitchen helpers who assist in preparing those meals and more.

As an example, high schoolers may consider volunteering for the summer, either individually or with a parent to serve as a team.  Is there a high schooler in your family who may want to consider this?  If so, please refer them.


Retirees or other folks in our community may want to find a place to serve and give back.  What better way than in the service of our homebound and other Wise County seniors. 


Schedules can be flexible to fit the available times/days of our volunteers. 

To apply as a volunteer please download the application form by clicking the PDF link below. 


Complete the form and email it to:


Or for more information please call our office at 940-627-5329.

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